Happy Fathers Day !


We now offer e-learning class development

Does your company need someone to generate how-to-do online classes?

Would you like to track your student progress?

How about the employee manual?

How do you know they ever read it?

Now you can know!


We use the number one e-learning development tool in the world, Lectora, to generate our classes.


We create a story board to help get started and give you an idea of class flow. If you have a story board – great! It saves time and your money. We get with your staff for their input. Who better to know how things work?


We work with your Learning Management System (LMS). If you don’t have an LMS, we can recommend one as well and sell you your own custom LMS (no shared database with the rest of the world).


We’ll work with your IT department if needed to make things happen for you seamlessly.

Do You Need a Learning Management System?

Pricing is subject to customer needs. We are free-lancers – so we do most of our work via the Internet.

How to calculate the time? A one-hour presentation takes about 40 hours to create including voice depending on quizzes, tests, and interactive games that may be required.

Multiple projects may qualify for a price break.

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